The no-limits
email marketing platform.

Ravenmail offers no-limits email marketing for a simple monthly cost. Send unlimited emails to your subscribers,  unlimited automation, unlimited integrations, unlimited smart email workflows and run unlimited spam tests meaning unlimited marketing potential.

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You have the power!

Ravenmail comes in two flavours; 'Managed email marketing' for those who want one of our marketing professionals to handle their emails for them and 'Do it yourself email marketing', using our easy to use drag and drop email creation tool, for those strong independent businesses that don't need to marketeers.

Make it smart

Ravenmail allows for integrations with over 2000+ apps, websites and platforms* to allow you to automate your workflow and make the system a more integrated, hassle free part of your brand ecosystem

*Integrations via Zapier

Real-time Analytics

In-depth analytics and real-time world view of your emails so you can see how well your campaigns are doing and watch opens/clicks in real time or, alternatively, open world view and pretend your a Bond villain hatching an evil plan as you watch the markers pop up on the map. Not that we've ever done that.

Build unique customer journeys.

Smart email workflows allow you to build unique customer experiences, tailoring emails and content based on users actions. Send reminders and deals to leads that haven't converted, upsell related products to customers based on their purchases or send emails based on a users clicks and engagement.

Drag and Drop Email builder.

Easily create emails and adjust your templates with our simple drag and drop email builder meaning you can go from concept to delivery much quicker and adjust your campaigns with no hassle or need for coding. You can also choose from one of our free pre-made templates to get you started and get your emails out quickly.

See the results.

Our powerful, built-in analytics platform allows you to seen in-depth reports on your audiences, clicks, behaviors and engagements to allow your to track your campaigns. Ravenmail also includes a real-time world map which allows you to track opens and clicks of your emails in real time.

Simple pricing, unlimited use.

Ravenmail offers simple pricing based on subscribers without limiting your marketing power. All our packages include unlimited access to all features, unlimited sending and unlimited workflows. Ravenmail puts your marketing potential first without compromise.

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Up to 500

£40 month

500 - 2,500

£60 month

2,500 - 5,000

£100 month

5,000 - 10,000

£150 month

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Have more than 10,000 subscribers?

If you have more than 10,000 subscribers then please contact our team to discuss pricing and importing your users to Ravenmail.

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Pay as you send pricing

Only send out emails occasionally? We also support pay-as-you send pricing.
per campaign
per recipient

Up to 500

£140 month

500 - 2,500

£260 month

2,500 - 5000

£400 month

5,000 - 10,000

£650 month
Managed campaign include a dedicated campaign manager, email creation, strategy consultation and reports on campaign progress.